Helsing AI selected for Eurofighter upgrade

  • Press Release
  • 13. Jun. 2023

Helsing/Saab partnership to provide AI-based electronic warfare (EW) capabilities for Eurofighter SEAD missions.

Munich, Germany, 16 June 2023 – Helsing, Europe’s leading defence AI and software company, and its partner Saab Germany have been selected by the German Ministry of Defence to upgrade 15 of the Luftwaffe’s Eurofighters with AI-enabled cognitive electronic warfare (EW) capabilities for future SEAD missions. The outcome of the selection process was confirmed by the German defence procurement agency (BAAINBw). The programme is scheduled to be ratified by the German Parliament later this year.

The programme will see 15 of the Luftwaffe’s Eurofighter fleet equipped with the Arexis sensor suite from Saab, which will be powered by Helsing’s artificial intelligence (AI)-platform.

The upgrade – to be completed by 2028 – will revolutionise the reconnaissance and self-protection capabilities of the Eurofighter through AI-enabled, cognitive EW capabilities.

Helsing’s AI platform will enable the analysis of the radar data gathered onboard the plane and generate precise selfprotection measures against modern enemy radars in milliseconds.

This new capability upgrade will also provide the basis for continuous iteration and development cycles allowing the EW suite to be updated at the speed of software throughout the lifecycle of the system.

The Eurofighter EW programme is intended to upgrade 15 of the Luftwaffe’s Eurofighter fleet in a bid to replace and modernise the EW capabilities lost through the retirement of Germany’s Tornado ECR.

"The war in Ukraine proves that EW plays a critical role in peer warfare – and it is becoming increasingly dynamic through the use of software. The selection of the Saab-Helsing solution for the Eurofighter shows the German government’s commitment to the sovereign processing of data - and the role of AI - as an essential component of modern EW." – Dr Gundbert Scherf, Helsing co-founder and co-CEO.

“We are delighted to have been selected to provide AI-based electronic warfare for the Eurofighter. This decision demonstrates what can be achieved when established defence players partner with deep tech companies to generate new capabilities. It is an important milestone in building the 21st century defences that our democracies need.” – Stephanie Lingemann, Helsing Director Programmes.

About Helsing:
Helsing is a new type of defence company, focusing on developing software-based capabilities to protect our democracies. With a diverse and experienced team of engineers and AI talent, Helsing partners with governments and hardware manufacturers to deploy mission-enhancing software. Helsing funds its own research and technology development, which allows it to undertake its own R&D at scale, applying the speed of software development cycles to mission challenges in defence. It employs AI and software to enable faster and more accurate decision-making, and the utilisation of data at the tactical, operational, and strategic level. With operations in the UK, Germany and France, Helsing accesses software and AI talent from across Europe, while serving each country’s specific sovereign requirements.