Artificial intelligence to
serve our democracies.


Helsing is a new type of defence AI company. We believe that software, in particular artificial intelligence, will be the key to protecting our democracies.

  1. Sea
  2. Air
  3. Land

Our purpose is to attain technological leadership so that democratic societies are free to make sovereign decisions and control their ethical standards.

Democracies are fragile. To protect them from external threats is one of our most important responsibilities. We founded Helsing out of a belief that safety and deterrence is only possible if we embrace software and artificial intelligence to make our forces more effective.

As democracies, we have a special responsibility to develop and deploy these technologies thoughtfully and with the highest ethical standards.


Our approach is software-first. We partner with industry and governments to connect existing and new hardware platforms with advanced AI.


We are looking for people with their heart in the right place, who share our conviction that democratic values are worth protecting, for ourselves and for future generations.

We are proud of the world-class team we have built from diverse backgrounds, combining deep experience in software, defence, intelligence, artificial intelligence, and software engineering.